Roof Care Specialists

The answer to extend the life of your buildings’ roofs by maintaining them, not replacing them. Roofs are not immobile. They expand with the heat of the day and contract when the sun sets. Roofs move, expand, and contract every single day. Your roof needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Its thermal mechanical movement requires your roof to be closely monitored, with Roof Care Specialists performing the necessary roof care to keep the roof in as good condition as possible.

The FREEDOM Difference

FREEDOMS service agreement for regular maintenance will extend the life of your roof and save you money.

Having a dedicated Roof Care Specialist coordinate all aspects of the care of your roof is like having the same doctor oversee your every medical need. Each time a Roof Care Specialist returns, he becomes more and more familiar with the roof. He starts to know where potential problems may arise and is able to closely monitor those areas. As your Roof Care Specialist continues to work with you and your staff, that relationship brings about more peace of mind.


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